At The Goodman Group, we recognize and affirm that well-being must take into account each individual and the particular identities, life stories, strengths, goals, experiences, challenges, and any other qualities that make us unique. Well-being also depends upon psychological safety, security, accessibility, space for personal expression, and a deep sense of belonging for every individual.

Our vision is thriving communities that last for generations.

We believe that a truly thriving community not only embraces and values diversity, but also intentionally builds in inclusive and equitable practices to ensure the growth and sustainability of our organization and each managed community.

Diversity, Equity, Belonging, and Inclusion are thus core elements in achieving The Goodman Group mission and vision.

2024 Strategy and Goals


The first step to achieving our debi vision is to develop a shared vocabulary and baseline understanding of key concepts, histories, and realities. We recognize that debi conversations can be challenging, but we fully believe in the importance of engaging in these topics together as a team.

Key Definitions

The debi committee affirms and actively seeks input from all levels of staff. Throughout the year, we offer multiple avenues to learn about updates, include your voice in the process, and help shape the future of our organization.

debi starts with all of us.

we celebrate

that each of us brings unique perspectives and experiences to our work, and we strive to come with compassion rather than judgement, especially when conflicts arise.

we recognize

that conflict is a natural part of human relationships, and we commit to stepping into conflict with kindness and respect for ourselves, each other, and the community.

we ground

our work as a committee in joy and curiosity, understanding that growing together requires both lightness and openness to deep dialogue.

we commit

to being both radically welcoming and fully committed to our growth as a team. We value meeting and affirming people where they are while also holding each other accountable to change and grow as needed.

we believe

in transparency and accessibility of information as a key element in fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workspace.

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